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Frequently Asked Questions

What support is on offer?

At Fostering North East we believe that the main role of Foster Carers is to enable children to develop to their full potential, by providing them with a positive experience of family life. As this is such an important task we work hard to ensure that Foster Carers receive a high level of support at all times.

Will I have individual support?

You will be allocated your own named, qualified and experienced social worker, known as a Supervisory Support Worker, who will support you and your family on an on-going basis, by regular visits and telephone contact.

What if I can’t contact my Support Worker?

If your Support Worker is unavailable for any reason, you will have access to a 24 hour telephone support line staffed by workers who know you and your children.

Will I get financial support?

You will be paid a competitive fostering allowance which is reviewed annually.

Will I get any training?

You will receive training before you begin fostering and this will be developed and kept up to date with an on-going training programme.

Will I have contact with other Foster Carers?

You will be encouraged to attend our on-going support groups – held in the evenings, at the same time as meetings for our YoungStars (foster and birth children of carers). Informal social events for carers and foster children are held throughout the year.

Why choose Fostering North East?

Here are some comments from carers, their own children and children they have fostered:

“Fostering can be quite daunting at first, but I’ve loved every minute of it. Fostering North East have been with me every step of the way and the support they have provided has been second to none.Children can sometimes present you with unexpected dilemmas, just like your own children, so it’s comforting to know support and advice is always on hand. Even getting through my training and qualifications, they have been so helpful. If someone is thinking about fostering, I would really advise them to go for it. The rewards are unbelievable.”
‘M’ – Foster Carer for 13 years

“I have enjoyed the boys being around the house, it’s like having two younger brothers. We do lots of activities together like bike riding and taking the dogs out for walks and it’s really enjoyable”
‘J’ – Son of Foster Carers

“I like that we do loads of things together and that we go on amazing holidays … I love living with my foster carers.”
‘R’ – Foster Child